Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Mary Like Me, by Andy Lee

This quote is one of the reasons I so fell in love with Andy's book, "Some of the most fearless, determined, and brilliant women I've met have struggle with mental turmoil. I've often found myself beside them, begging them to give up and go home. But they didn't surrender the situation until they won the battle or became too weary to continue. The truth is, when a woman has been forced to fight for life---whether in a bad family, bad marriage or mental illness---this person, more times than not, becomes a survivor." From beautiful Andy Lee in her book, A Mary Like Me, Flawed Yet Called:


I thought of several women when I read this and some that I'm hoping will learn to survive soon. Some that I love dearly and anguish with the thoughts of their torment yet sometimes the choice is beyond what we can do to help. The choice is theirs. make good choices today, people, it affects more than just yourself. It affects the whole family and generations to come.


Praying today with Shonda Savage at Somebody's Mother Online Prayer Support Group.