Saturday, January 19, 2013

Unanswered Prayers

Have you ever prayed for something and the outcome was not what you wanted? I'm sure we have all had that experience at times. We had some prayers going on Somebody's Mother Online Prayer Support Group

this week and painfully the ones we were praying for, did not get the answer they wanted. There are so many things that cannot be explained. I pray that the prayers started will continue until the Lord draws everyone so close to Him, that nothing on this earth matters.

At times like these, we wonder where God is, sometimes. The first person I thought of was Carol Kent and how she and her husband, Gene, press on although they did not get their happy ending. I next thought of the parents of the children from Sandy Hook Elementary School and what they are having to live with each day, such loss.
Something I read this morning was good; from a dear woman I know through Winning Women and it was written in a book called, "Dear Daughters:"

"Help me, oh God, help me. Be with me, Jesus. I need you so. Show me Thy way. Tell me what to do, and I will do it. Send your love, your grace, your wisdom to me, for without it I am lost. Give me your strength Father. Illuminate my path. Keep my feet from stumbling. Let me not hinder, but only help every one of your children to see You, to follow You and let me not hinder myself. My dearest Love, who knows me better than I am known, hold me close to Your Heart, your Mind, your Will. Let me feel your hand in mine as I yearn with every sinew of my spirit to walk this life as you want me to. I am nothing dust in human form, so please help me. (Diane West Van Wert)

We live to walk another day, looking for a blessing when sometimes there seems to be none. We are survivors, from stock of survivors, we are grateful for many blessings and for that reason, we will live to praise this day.

As said in Hebrews 11 many died in the promise, many did not get the good answer while here on earth, many will be named as those of whom the world was not worthy. And as Job said, "Though he slay me, yet I will trust in Him." Some will turn away in pain and some will let that pain draw them closer to the only true Comforter in this world, Jesus. I pray that for each one who is hurting today, that you will let Him hold you, draw you and surround you.  

Unanswered prayers; yes, we all have a few. But instead of feeling that they were unanswered perhaps they are prayers in "God's Waiting Room" or even the Lord's throne room, saved for a better outcome that we cannot even imagine.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Donna Trivia, Romans 8:28 and a bit of Proverbs

Donna trivia: My oldest grandson turns 18 today and my youngest daughter turns 22 in a week. Life is always hectic when you have grandchildren and children so close to the same ages. I gave birth to my firstborn daughter at age 15 and I was pushing forty when Shiloh was born. I became a grandmother for the first time at age 33. My Mom was a grandmother at 31. Thankfully the cycle of early motherhood has been broken with my daughters, at least they have all been 18 or older when they gave birth. Shiloh is still a newlywed, not planning on children for a while and Ashley is still single. I have four daughters that are each unique and loved

More Donna trivia: This year I am committed to writing fiction for the first time. My nonfiction at times, in my writer's group has been known to make grown men cry. It always amazes me when that happens as I don't feel that I write for men. I wonder if Daytona Streets will ever be finished, but I will give it a try this year.
Prophecy many years back from the prophet Steve Scheffler, "You are a rose whose thorns will prick the hearts of men." That is where I came up with the screen name of thornrose7. Seven is my favorite number.

This week a woman emailed me and asked for prayer and help. I told her when I get down I try to do something for someone else and I also find a Bible verse to hold on to. Actually, this is what I wrote: “Keep Looking up and when you are lonely and needy, find someone else who is lonelier and help them:)

Hold on to a verse of scripture and keep praying. His timing is perfect.”

My life verse has been Romans 8:28 and I clung to that verse during a very painful first marriage and throughout the years I have always believed that the Lord will work things to my good and bring good from even the most painful things of my life. I would never try to hurt someone by giving this advice, as I have found both things to be true, helping others and holding on to a Bible verse; it is the law sowing and reaping. But somehow she felt bad by what I said and made it impossible for me to return a message back to her. Here is the scripture I would’ve written back and if you are still reading my posts, dear one, I hope this helps.

He won't brush aside the bruised and the hurt and he won't disregard the small and insignificant, but he'll steadily and firmly set things right.

Isaiah 42:3 The Message.

Another thing I go back to often is this quote:

"There is no pit so deep that He is not deeper still." Corrie Ten Boom

I'll end with another Facebook post that got a lot of good feedback:
For the sisters among us:) Something from Proverbs 31:26-31 for each of you, as an affirmation:

She speaks wise words

and teaches others to be kind.

She watches over her family

and never wastes her time.

Her children speak well of her.

Her husband also praises her,

saying, “There are many fine women,

but you are better than all of them.”

Charm can fool you, and beauty can trick... you,

but a woman who respects the Lord should be praised.

Give her the reward she has earned;

she should be praised in public for what she has done. (NCV)
Lord please affirm and lift up each woman who reads these words. Help them to be strong in You and to look forward and smile at the future regardless of what it holds. Help them to live to praise Your name, give grace where needed and strength for this day, each moment and hour we pray in Jesus precious name.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

For This We Have Jesus.

Sometimes I am so sad for the heartaches of many among us. I remember a speaker whose main thought for each heartache and burden was, “For this we have Jesus.”

For the hurt of the daughter of my people I am hurt.

I am mourning;

Astonishment has taken hold of me.

Is there no balm in Gilead,

Is there no physician there?

Why then is there no recovery

For the health of the daughter of my people? NKJV Jer 8:21-22

Have you lost a loved one? “For this we have Jesus.”

Do you think you have failed as a parent? “For this we have Jesus.”

Are you lonely, feeling rejected? “For this we have Jesus.”

Do you think He has forgotten you? “For this we have Jesus.”

He is the balm for our souls and He is ever present through all that we go through in this life. He is the balm that heals us and our loved ones. He is the comforter for those who mourn. He is the answer to the addiction. He carries our loved ones home into His great Father arms when the pain of living this life is too much for them. For all these things we have Jesus. And He is always enough.

I’m leaving you with a beautiful quote to encourage you by Nancy Cobb and Connie Grisgby :

Do you feel inept, unqualified, or just not up to it? God understands

your feelings, your doubts, your fears. He also knows your heart, and

can work mightily in one that's yielded to Him. You are a diamond--a

diamond in the rough--a diamond in the making. Place yourself in the

hands of the Master Jeweler, Jesus Christ. Allow Him to chisel you, mold

you, and refine you. -Nancy Cobb and Connie Grisgby