Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pastor David Fleming believes Jesus More Than Repairs

Once again Pastor David Fleming came with the word of hope through the scripture that the Lord gave to him four years ago. Jesus more than repairs, far exceeds any damage and immeasurably outweighs anything the enemy wants to throw at us. As he preached last night I envisioned situations in my life and thought Jesus more than repairs this. As I prayed for each family member this morning I asked the Lord to more than repair them. Each situation, heartache and dilemma He can more than repair if we focus on that and not the negative things that we see.
The other message we always get from brother David is that God is so good to us. I have a feeling that as this young man ages he will be so loved by people, as they remember the joy they felt when he preached, even as someone like Calvin Miller was loved or Billy Graham. He will be a giant among preachers because he gave a simple message that was needed by us all. Oh no, that simple message did not come without  years of painful experiences and questions, but that is often the way of the cross. I am always so blessed and honored to be in a service where he preaches and it went right along with the great series about identity that Pastor Ray has brought us. A winning combination.
His sermons are blog-inspiring as you can see here:

I sure wish I could show you a picture of his cute little baby boy:)

Praying every day in every way,
Donna Collins Tinsley