Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kitchen Praise

Isn’t it funny when you think you have your week planned and then everything changes? One of the hardest things for those who know they have control issues is change of plans. Oh to be as free and flexible as those fully controlled by His spirit is my prayer.
Yet, the other night after what felt like one of the longest days of my life, I found myself dancing to the Lord in my kitchen. Since the kitchen seems to be the room I am usually in for some reason, it can also sometimes become a dance floor, as I get lost in the beauty of music. I picture myself dancing before the Lord in His throne room. I don’t have choreographed steps or know real sign language that is so beautiful when I see other, more professional and skilled dancers, but I know He gets the message of love that I am trying to send Him, my Lord and my God; the true father of my life.

My Kitchen Time

I stand before Your throne, Lord
In this little kitchen of mine
I stand in Your throne room
In the mirror of my mind

I worship You here
With dance and praise
I give you glory
All my days
Before You only
I can be so free
Because for this
You created me
O love the Lord always
Come daily to Him
With thanks and praise
He will carry you
Through painful days
He will show you the miracles
And secrets
Of His ways
For He is our Father
And is worthy of our praise.
Donna Collins Tinsley

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thorns, Roses and the Rock

Abe Lincoln said, “We can complain that rose bushes have thorns, or we can rejoice that thorn bushes have roses." Once in a time of prayer and prophecy Brother Steve Scheffler said I was a rose whose thorns would prick the hearts of men. Although I feel I write mainly for women those words have always been in my heart. I realized once again today that my “father vacuum” that pain of not really knowing my paternal family roots, likes to show itself at the oddest times, to try to get me down and make me feel as if I was an abandoned child. Yet on the other hand I know deeply in my heart that the relationship I have with my Abba Father could never have been as strong if I had an earthy father meet that need. The path for me was abandonment by my real father, not knowing grandparents on that side, abuses by men and then a slow gradual healing as I cried out to the Lord from early childhood. I sought him in tears, in frustrations, in crazy situations and more. He was there for me and always will be my Rock and Fortress
The Rock and Me
I am a rock
But not a fortress
A mighty One
I lean on
He is my Rock
And comforting arm
Presiding, watching
Keeping from harm
A long road
With many turns
Pits, caves and snares

We rock together
Jesus and me
Through tears and pain
Two Rocks are we.

Donna Collins Tinsley written a long time ago, when I found out someone asked my brother, Charles, “How is your sister, the rock?”

Monday, February 8, 2010

Men of Destiny has a graduation!

What a wonderful graduation ceremony for Chris from Men of Destiny Ministries in St. Cloud, FL. The Spirit of the Lord was strong as family and friends celebrated the victory of a one-year program of discipleship. There is a strong call on Chris’ life and as he said, with his past experiences he will be able to reach those that a lot of mainstream pastors will never relate to. He shines as light of Christ wherever he goes, as mentioned by a worker from McDonald’s that he encouraged one day when she felt she couldn’t go on. Jesus was glorified by the founder, Pastor George Shafter, the director, Pastor Vincent Kendall and my husband Pastor Bill (prefers to go by Brother Bill) Tinsley. The message that you can be a new creation in Christ and not go by old tags of addict or alcoholic is a true and needed word and Bill delivered it with intensity.

If you know a man struggling with addictions or life issues have them call the office at 407 957-4292. It isn’t for the weak or fainthearted as it truly is a discipleship program but a real man with Christ abiding can come out with true direction for his life. It makes a family proud!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What are the Thin Places in Your Life?

Here is one of my book reviews of “Thin Places” by Mary E DeMuth. Thin Places will both break your heart and restore in again in Jesus name.
What are the Thin Places in Your Life?
The statistics that every two minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted and of the millions of sexual abuse and rape victims, 15 percent are under the age of 12* are incredible. I myself, was a victim at a young age, and maybe that is why I feel such a kindred spirit with Mary E DeMuth.
Mary is not a victim but an overcomer in the strongest sense of the word. She has written a memoir that only someone who grew up with abuse and dysfunction could write. She has bled on paper that others might find the same hope and healing that she found. She has exposed her life, family, love and overcoming spirit to us so that dysfunctional families could find life, hope, love and liberty in the name of Jesus. Mary may not get on Oprah although I pray that she does, but she has a standing ovation from her fan base, a core of people who adore her honesty and the light that shines through her writings. This book should be required reading in High Schools, Treatment Centers and counselor’s offices. Many times even teachers who see children all week long do not pick up on the signs of an abused child. Years ago, Guidance Counselors were there to talk to children about their problems but it seems now they only help with career choices.

The third chapter, titled, Snapshot, previewed the horrors that sometimes happen to children even when you think they are well supervised. I think the angels that watch over children daily must look on in horror at some of the things that happen to little ones, because of the depravity that is in the hearts of men. I sometimes wondered if I had been born under a dark cloud of a curse. The chapter titled, Marked, shows how sexual abuse seems to follow some girls throughout their lives and they may have to fight a victim mentality to rise above it. Other chapters are relatable, such as Snapshot, Slow Dancing, Singing, and Shame. If you had walked in similar shoes you will know exactly what I am talking about.
There are no way my words could give justice to “Thin Places.” Right now I must say that the Lord God is pleased with Mary and her transparency to show where she has bled and hurt in her life. That she would be so open to print the words of truth that will help bring healing to her sisters (and may I add brothers) that were abused in childhood is truly a gift to us. This gift came at a very high price of pain from the giver and should not be easily discarded. I admit I read through Thin Places very fast the first time so I could just know Mary’s story; now I will read it again!

You should, too!

* 2007 study by the U.S. Department of Justice
Read on for something Mary wrote about her book:

“The end result is story: mine. It’s the story of a little girl who faced sexual abuse, neglect, drug-using parents, fear, death of a parent, and a host of other malevolence. And yet it’s a hope-filled story, where the bright light of God’s climactic redemption outshines the dark places. It’s a story of God’s nearness when I thought I’d nearly lose my mind and will to live. How grateful I am for the beautiful love of Jesus, how dearly He chose frail me to shame the wise. It’s really His story after all.”
Finally, I say this about sweet Mary:
"For My hand made all these things, Thus all these things came into being," declares the LORD. "But to this one I will look, Mary who is humble and contrite of spirit, and who trembles at My word. Isaiah 66:2

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Restore Them to You

I wrote this a few years back with a friend in mind: I dedicate it to mothers who are discouraged and have had their hearts broken. In my mind it is a song, but since I can't write music, I guess it is a poem.

Restore Them to You
Somebody’s Mother is praying
Hoping, God is hearing
What’s she’s saying
She’s on her knees begging,
“I believe You can restore, Lord,
And make them pure again.

My children have went astray
Lord, how can they
Live that way?
Spurning the love You give?
As if You don't exist.

I gave them a vision of You
Not perfect, But I tried,
You well know
The stresses of life
Seemed to rip us apart
As my dreams fell through
I clung to You
But they turned
The other way.

Oh Lord, how can they live that way?
How can I live loving them the way I do?
Wanting them to
Be Serving You
God, when will You
Make my dreams come true?

I'll not give up talking to You
Pleading, if that’s what I have to do
My children are precious gems
Not given for destruction
But You made them for peace
Not for the world but the Kingdom

Restore them to You,
Restore them to You,
Do what You must do,
Restore them to You.

The world gives darkness for light
The world shows pain as pleasure
A distorted view of fun
Satan has begun
To deceive
The elect’s offspring.

But all my children
Will be taught of the Lord
And great will be the peace of my children
As they walk with You
As they are restored to You

And they will say, “My Lord and my God”
It was You all along,
You've restored my song,
I will dance for You,
I'm restored to You,
Eternity is mine

You were there all the time
Couldn't get you out of my mind,
I'm restored to You at last
I no longer live in the past
Or for this dark world.
It was You all along,
You've restored my song,
I will dance for You,
I'm restored to You,
Eternity is mine.

Somebody’s Mother is praying
Knowing, God has heard
What’s she was saying
You've restored my song,
And my children, too

I will dance for You,
I'm restored to You,
Eternity is ours.

Donna Collins Tinsley