Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Seven Secrets of Power Praying, A book to enhance your prayer life.

Jane Glenchur has written an awesome book on prayer called, Seven Secrets of Power Praying. She looks at prayer in ways that would benefit all of us and the titles of her chapters will engage you and prompt you to read on. Not only read but pray more. The thoughts at the end of the chapters to remember, will stay in your mind and heart. I loved getting to know Jane through this book and was very honored that she chose to send me a copy to review.
Seven Secrets of Power Praying is broken into three parts. First is “Partnering with God,” Part 2 is Applying the 7 secrets to Power Praying, and Part 3 is Stepping Up to the Next Level. Her five keys to prayer are Key#1 Petition, Key#2 Passion, Key#3 Presence, Key#4 Preparedness, and Key#5 Perseverance.
I learned the term cloaking from the chapter Unmasking Deception where Jane says, "The enemy looks for opportunities to insert symptoms, hoping we will attribute them to a natural event rather than to cloaking."

A powerful quote also is,"Satan is the father of lies. As mentioned earlier, he wants to kill, steal and destroy God's children, but he does not advertise that fact. His lie are not often obvious; they are mixtures of truth and deception. He uses half-truths to prod and pressure us into making foolish decisions."


She also reminds us about voice recognition and how to be certain it is God speaking to you.

A key Bible verse is Jeremiah 33:3

Amplified Bible (AMP) Call to Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things, fenced in and hidden, which you do not know (do not distinguish and recognize, have knowledge of and understand).
The Appendix A with power Prayers and Declarations will be something that you will use time and time again.
It is a book that I will recommend to my Facebook prayer support group, Somebody's Mother Online Prayer Support Group .
I especially loved from the chapter, "Give God Your Password," this quote, "Lord, I give You permission to change my mind and emotions. I want Your best in this matter."
If prayer is part of your life, you will want to include this book in your devotional time. I give it five stars.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dates of Pain On the One-year Anniversary of the Boston Marathon Tragedy

Dates of Pain
On the One-year Anniversary of the Boston Marathon Tragedy

Dates stand out in our minds sometimes. We remember birth dates, anniversaries and events that make us happy. But some dates will forever be ingrained into our hearts of life-changing events. There may be calendar dates that started out happy and joyful and in the matter of moments turned into dates of pain.
For many who attended and those who ran the Boston marathon in 2013, April 15th will stand out as a tragic date. From the normal sounds of a happy crowd of people to something that sounded like a war zone this date will be seared in the minds of so many people in our nation.
It is said that two pressure cooker bombs exploded at 2:49 pm and killed three people and injured hundreds. It is sad to think that two brothers would contrive to bring harm to so many. It makes you wonder what was going on in their heads, what their background was, what belief systems were in place that they would want to hurt people?
Yet the Bible tells us, “The heart is hopelessly dark and deceitful, a puzzle that no one can figure out. (Jeremiah 17:9 MSG)

We can’t figure out in our own minds why bad things happen. We can’t figure out why God 
allows people to be hurt and killed and why families have to suffer as happened at the Boston Marathon last year. This is a puzzle beyond comprehension.
We know that He does promise to work all things for our good, though, and we lean on this promise. We have to realize that the Lord can always bring light out of the darkness of a heart that is deceitful and gone astray.
Americans are a resilient people; just Google “happy outcomes of the Boston Marathon tragedy 2013” and you will agree with me. From moms saying they will run again to the story of a proposal at the finish line, we can find hope. You will find poignant pictures also there.
On this sad anniversary date let us remember to pray for the families of those who have passed from this life to their reward early and also for those who are survivors. Pray, pray and pray some more that the date of running the Boston Marathon race can become a happy date again.
Donna Collins Tinsley