Monday, August 23, 2010

I wish I had my old life back!

My old life is looking a lot better since it has changed recently.
I went to the foot doctor where they put another soft cast on. It was a blessing to have it off for a couple of hours; there is still bruising and the hard lump, but it looked much better.

By the time I got to the doctor it had started swelling again, but she projects I will be pretty normal by Oct. which was way longer than I thought.
I am sure it is on track, but I thought it wouldn't take as long as the doctor said. She said I am still swelling even up in my leg and toes; she considered putting a leg cast on, but said if I tried to keep the foot elevated more and try some support stockings, it may be OK without that.
I am really going to appreciate my old "normal" life when I can just walk in regular shoes again. I am trying to hear what the Lord wants me to hear through this.
Mainly it seems that I am thinking more about people that have "real" problems. I am trying to count my blessings more. I am trying to look at people I see when out shopping and be kinder; I saw an elderly gentleman with a can. He saw me hobbling along and asked how I was doing. I told him, I was better this week; the week before I was using a cane, too. I notice if you smile more at people it takes their gaze off this really ugly cast/boot shoe I am wearing and either brightens their day or makes them wonder what I am up to:)
I have never walked this slow in my life and now I know why Bill was always telling me to wait; he is way ahead of me now.
We still are praying the VA will come through with surgery help for him, and I'm thinking I really need to get better for that. But for now it seems, I am still spending a lot of time with my foot elevated.
I did finish out the summer with two great books, "A Cup of Comfort for Women" and for my fiction vacation, "You Make Me feel Like Dancing," by Allison Bottke. I got a real education about the disco generation through that book and I always feel like dancing, at least before the foot cast.
I long to dance before the Lord again in my kitchen; here's an old poem I wrote with that theme.
My Kitchen Time
I stand before Your throne, Lord
In this little kitchen of mine
I stand in Your throne room
In the mirror of my mind
I worship You here
With dance and praise
I give you glory
All my days

Before You only
I can be so free
Because for this
You created me

O love the Lord always
Come daily to Him
With thanks and praise
He will carry you
Through painful days
He will show you the miracles
And secrets
Of His ways
For He is our Father
And is worthy of our praise.

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