Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Deliver Me" will rock your world!

Dianne E. Butts has compiled a much needed and encouraging book. Nearly every story I read I thought "this is my favorite" and then there would be another one that stole my heart.

There were so many stories of babies, mamas and dads that were struggling with delivering these children, and the decision of letting them live. The drama in each story was incredible. Deliver Me shows that there are so many families that have relatives that have had an abortion; There were so many good resources in this book. Those alone would be worth the price of the book. Pregnancy resource centers all over the country should stock it. If everyone that read this book decided to give their copy to a local pregnancy resource center many people would be helped. Also You might consider putting one in your local library.

In the part titled, "For, By and About Men" I really loved reading the stories written by men who realized too late that they weren't being a man by not protecting their unborn child. It started with a great story called, "Cowboy Up" by Scotty Vaughn. He writes:

"I've learned God doesn't call us to brokenness but through brokenness. Brokenness is a place on the trip but at the cross of Christ there is restoration. If you'll understand and embrace your loss then Jesus will go through that with you. Then He will empower you to help other people make different choices."

I also loved the stories of the Lord giving children to someone either naturally or someone stepping in to parent a child who had no father, as in the story called, "A Father After All."

Dianne's comments were timely and poignant. She aptly ended the book with a story about abstinence.

Deliver Me, is a great title and a great book. I pray that the Lord deliver all the families who deal with the pain of abortion, through the reading of Deliver Me.
Donna Collins Tinsley

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