Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Mother’s Tribute of Love for an Unforgettable Child

As Good As She Imagined: The Redeeming Story of the Angel of Tucson, Christina-Taylor Green Roxanna Green (Author), Jerry B. Jenkins (Author)

This story written from a mother’s viewpoint will rock your world as you experience a part of the pain she felt in losing such a dear child.
Christina-Taylor Green truly did seem like an angel sent briefly to earth. From the birth date of 9/11 to the day of her tragic death her light shone so bright in a dark and sometimes painful world, it is hard not to weep through the whole book. Yet it was so sweet and touching. It reminded me at times of Carol Kent’s book ‘When I Lay My Isaac Down’ where there was a moment when life was so perfect and then their world was turned upside down never to return to that perfection. In saying that I also thought of the book of Job throughout.

The affect that young Christina-Taylor had on people seemed magical, even down to her relationship with her brother, Dallas. Although he had some special needs she made him feel so special and loved that it was a big part of his healing and he seemed to cope so much better with life after she was born. I adored the stories about Christina-Taylor’s relationship with her grandmother. I know they are happy to be together in heaven now.
The time-line of the shootings and the facts given about the tragedy were very informational. But being allowed to journey with this family through their personal grief was a wonderful contribution to the world. I also loved the small but poignant writings from the Dad especially in the last chapter where he said, “I love thinking about Christina-Taylor and will do so forever.” He also wrote a poem called “Faith:”
Christina-Taylor Green on one-eight-eleven,
Was laid to rest and went to heaven.

She left her mark in nine short years,
And we remain to shed our tears.
Mom, Dad, and Dallas will love you forever,
Awaiting the day we’re together again. (John Green)
The letters from friends and family added so much to the value of the story of a life that was much too short. It was good to read what the President said to encourage our nation at the State of the Union address shortly after the shootings. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was also wounded and Christina-Taylor Green was one of six people that were killed, with 13 people wounded.

Shattered in soul and spirit, this mother, Roxanna Green gave us such a gift in writing this book (along with Jerry B. Jenkins) and the heart of a loving mother was so evident. The focus on forgiving and not dwelling on the murderer was commendable.

Any thoughts I have now of Christina-Taylor make me smile amidst the tears. There are some that the book of Hebrews, chapter 11 speaks of, that “the world was not worthy of them.” Our world was not worthy of such a pure, sweet, kind angel-like spirit as Christina-Taylor Green was. We are so glad the Lord sent her for a brief moment of time to show that you can really live a life that is better than can be imagined. Unforgettable book about an unforgettable family!

Donna Collins Tinsley


  1. There is another one like Christina Taylor Green: The angel of Copley, Ohio, Scott Calvin Dieter. Dieter was born in the Ukraine, and he was the adoptive son of Craig Brian Eric and Beth Ann (Laufer) Dieter. The gunman of Dieter was shot dead by Ben A. Campbell. Ben (never "Benjamin") said, "I am not a hero, I am just a policeman."

  2. Do not forget the hero, angel, and a legend of Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Satwant Singh Kaleka, the father of Emmy Award Winner, Amardeep Singh Kaleka! Satwant gave his life stopping the gunman and saving many lives!

  3. There are so many people we could honor and should honor, but this was done as a book review, so I had to stay on topic. It was a moving story and well worth reading. My heart goes out to all the families involved with the tragedy that day. May the Lord have mercy.

  4. There is another one like Christina Taylor Green: Charlotte Helen Bacon. Bacon was born on Washington's Birthday. There is a hero: Jesse McCord Lewis. Lewis gave his life saving his friends in Sandy Hook!

  5. There is another one like Christina Taylor Green: Ana Grace Marquez-Greene. Marquez-Greene was born on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's death. She was the only black student in Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

  6. So many heros among so many loved ones. May they live forever in our hearts:)

  7. Remember the hero: Victoria Leigh Soto. She gave her life saving others and she is with Jesus in heaven, permanently!

    1. Living forever in our hearts, all these heroes.