Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anita Smith Z88FM Woman of the Week

·    Thank you so much Z88FM for picking Anita Smith as your Woman of the Week! You did a great job of editing my thoughts (nervous that I was) for the program. Anita and all the women she has touched all these 25 years are very happy. What a blessing!
Here is what the winning submission looked like:

     Anita is an encouraging, enthusiastic, impassioned, motivating, spirited Southern woman who inspires us to have faith when things appears dark.
      Although she is now widowed, she regards the Lord as her husband and protector through the storms of life. She was not afraid although alone during hurricanes and continues to teach and mentor women even though an ocular stroke has taken away the vision from one eye.
     If you have ever sat in one of her Bible Studies you would be amazed at the wisdom God has given this woman; but don’t think she is all study and no fun. Even though Anita is in her 80’s, she can out-dance many a young woman at weddings and has even given her time to help elderly people at the assisted living centers get up and boogie to music for exercise.
·                                 One thing that Anita has done that really has encouraged me that a woman can accomplish big goals even in the later years is she recently completed a program to get a degree in Biblical Counseling at age 83. I would love for Anita to win this award to help commemorate her anniversary of teaching women for 25 years this month.
Donna Collins Tinsley                                                           

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