Monday, January 6, 2014

Worry is about to be conquered by reading Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries!

I am finally getting around to playing catch-up. Number one on my agenda is getting ready for our first Word Weaver's Volusia County Group meeting tonight and second is a book review that I promised I would do.

"Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries, Finding Peace in all Kinds of Weather" by Kathy Collard Miller is a book that many women, especially mothers, need to read. Worry is something that we all must admit to, and it is true that it is the opposite of faith.

As Kathy says in the beginning of her book, "Sometimes when I am worried, I feel like a fog of fear and anxiety is swirling all around me, blocking out the ability to think clearly and trust God. It quickly fuels responses like complaining, grumbling, or making a quick decision that isn't led by God."

I can remember so often the fear that can come upon me when something gets in my mind and I ruminate about it and everything that could happen instead of quickly rolling that burden over to the Lord in prayer. I so relate to this book and know many other women who fight the "worrying' battle daily.

There are discussion questions in Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries, and also this book can be used as a daily devotional.

The addition of the letter after each chapter starting with, My Precious Daughter, makes every chapter gives a personal touch to each chapter and each letter is a very beautiful. I would have to say the letters are my favorite parts of the book. The last letter begins, "My Precious Daughter, I am powerful. Nothing worries me" and it ends with "Beloved I can do anything. And everything I do in your life is meant to draw you closer to My loving heart. Draw close to Me. Rest in Me! My arms are open to you and I'm working on your behalf."

As an author, I must say that Kathy Collard Miller goes the second mile to her readers. Many years ago I read an article by Kathy that really touched me with the poignant honesty that she portrayed concerning her life. I wrote her a letter and she wrote me right back. I still have that letter and reread it when I am discouraged. May she be blessed for all that she does to get the message out that there is a better way to live and that the Lord is a God of great forgiveness.

I give this book five stars.

Donna Collins Tinsley


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  3. Donna, Thank you so very much for reviewing my book on your blog and posting it on Amazon. It means a lot to me. And I continue to be thrilled that my letter to you was meaningful...and still is! God is amazing. Hopefully, one of these days we'll meet on this earth! Blessings to you!