Monday, June 6, 2016

Is Your House on Fire? My thoughts on Burning House by Cam

Is Your House on Fire?

"I've come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already ablaze!
Luke 12:49 International Standard Version

"Burning House" is a song with a haunting melody and poignant lyrics that has gotten stuck in my head. I researched it, played it a lot, and found how the lyrics came. It was through a dream, thoughts a woman was thinking before she went to sleep that night, about how to make a relationship right. The song became an apology Cam was making to her former boyfriend.

"I had a dream about a burning house
You were stuck inside
I couldn't get you out
I lay beside you and pulled you close
And the two of us went up in smoke"

I feel that many families can relate to some of the lyrics when they are in a family crisis and are trying to find their way out of it. We may feel like we are in a burning house, suffocating, trying to get out, trying to breathe, and trying to save our loved ones. Sometimes we lose ourselves in the battle to save someone else. Can I get a witness out there to that? Amy Tan once said, “I did not lose myself all at once. I rubbed out my face over the years washing away my pain, the same way carvings on stone are worn down by water.” Sounds like she knows what it means to be dreaming of a burning house.

Are you dealing with someone's mental illness, drug addiction, or chronic pain issues right now? If you're one of the few who isn't, thank the good Lord for His mercy. And if you are dealing with those issues, thank Him for His mercy also because we know that He is the one who can "take what's lost and broke, and make it right." Most mornings I cry out to Jesus and say, "Show me what mercy looks like for my family today."

Some days, mercy is that we make it through another day without someone dying or being arrested. Some days an arrest might be the mercy He sends to save a loved one from themselves. Some days that mercy is an opening for a bed in a rehab or hospital. Some days, mercy shows itself through a friend calling, coming by, or sharing a meal.

Some days the joy of just watching a little child whose world has fallen apart through no fault of her own, dance wildly, boldly and without care is enough mercy to get me through the day.

Many of you are in the battle of your lives trying to help someone who seems hell bent on destruction through their lifestyle or choices.

"I've been sleepwalking
Been wondering all night

Trying to take what's lost and broke
And make it right
I've been sleepwalking
Too close to the fire
But it's the only place that I can hold you tight
In this burning house."

I think the last part of the lyrics the part about "it's the only place that I can hold you tight, in this burning house" strikes the core of my heart because when you come right down to it, the thing we as mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends want to do is hold them tight from the pain of life and bad choices. Sometimes it's only in our dreams that we can do that, hold them tight, hold on to the memories, and hold on to new dreams for our loved ones. My house feels like it is on fire lately, does yours?

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  1. I love you, sister. Like the prodigal's father, I finally let my child go. It took me 27 years to finally figure out that He is the only one who can humble them enough that they come to their senses and bow the knee to Him. My love, care, work, giving, forgiving couldn't do it. But I will never give up loving and praying. I just won't let them bring the pig pen home anymore. He will do it in His time and in His way. Praying for you and your loved ones...and believing with you.

    1. Gail, I adore you! thanks for stopping by and for your constant encouragement.