Saturday, April 8, 2017

God's Easter Miracles: Adventures Of The Sea Kids (Hardcover)/ children's book review

This review is from: God's Easter Miracles: Adventures Of The Sea Kids (Hardcover)
I was so happy to receive my copy of "God's Easter Miracles: Adventures Of The Sea Kids" by Lee Ann Mancini and beautifully illustrated by Dan Sharp.

We find the sea kids or urchins getting ready to celebrate Easter at church down under the sea. The subject of autism is introduced early; the sea creatures get a chance to learn compassion and sharing in this adventure. Miss Linda is the ultimate Sunday School teacher for the sea children and our children can identify with feelings of wanting to win the prize.

The book is really colorful and is one that toddlers will enjoy just looking at the pictures.

Lee Ann always reminds the kids to say their prayers and ask Jesus into their hearts. She also has a hidden fish sign on each page for them to look for as a game. This is a beautiful series and I look forward to more books that are great gifts for grandchildren and your friend's children.

I was very grateful to receive a Review Copy from the publisher through BookCrash.
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