Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What Stirs you to Write?

I'm getting ready to go to the FCWC, so I'm pretty busy to be blogging.
Today I sent something to The Writer's View-2 about inspiration and creativity to write in response to a question they asked. Some things stir me to write and child abuse is one of them.

I find things to write about in newspaper articles all the time. I started out writing letters to editors and was privileged to have several letters as "My Word" columns. Once they even sent a photographer out to our home to photograph me with my daughters, when I reminisced about growing up unsupervised in the 60's. I've written about homeless issues, Heaven's Garden, (a home for recovering prostitutes) treasuring your time with a loved one, procrastination, and treatment centers. I wrote a response about an article called "Passage to Salvation" wondering how parents felt after seeing the faces of their daughters on billboards advertising men's clubs along I-95? The empathy I felt gave me the title for my first book called, "Somebody's Daughter."
One thing that stirred me up was a phrase a Judge used, "a little pedophilia" I wondered who has the definition of what "a little pedophilia" does to a child?
This excerpt was printed several years ago in the (Orlando) Sentinel:

And as for the comment that Maxwell reportedly made to a DCF staffer that he had "never known pedophilia to be life-threatening" surely we have all read newspaper article that would dispute this statement. He should try that line on a surviving parent. Perhaps he would talk to a sexual abuse survivor who could tell him about painful flashbacks and the years it takes to rebuild trust in authority figures. "A little pedophilia"? I don't think so. Trust me, I know. There is no such thing.
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