Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Computer Thing" Or "God Thing"?

Have you ever thought that God can use your computer to be a source of encouragement in your life? No, I’m not talking about the many devotionals and inspired writings you can find. I’m talking about a computer putting words that you need right in front of you several times until you get the message.

Funny thing about computers: sometimes they work great and sometimes you really want to throw them out the window. That’s how I felt the day I was trying to copy and paste a phrase into a search engine. Let me back up and say I was having a really hard week. I was fighting feelings of depression. Some family situations were making me sad and although I was trying to be diligent with writing, I found I was just using the computer to occupy my mind.

I keep a file of quotes that I find in books or on the Internet. This file is getting pretty full as I have people from W.B.Yeats, William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, and Cowper to Erma Bombeck. As you can see my mind goes to many extremes in the course of a day. From poetry to funny things of living with teenagers and hormones, I read all sorts of articles. But recently my husband had signed a card to me with a really sweet phrase: I decided to put him at the top of my quotes file.

Every time I went to copy and paste into my search engine a research question, out of nowhere, it inserted the phrase from my husband “You are the single most important on going event in my life. All my love, Bill.” After trying several times to get the information, I gave up. Was it a computer error or was it a “God thing?” I needed encouragement that day and that was what I got. No one but God could have done that, as it was several months before that I had put the phrase from my husband in my quote file. I guess I won’t be throwing the computer out the window. Because when I needed encouragement the most, God worked with my computer to lift my spirits. A "computer thing" or a "God thing?" You be the judge.

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