Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Missing Chapter

I have not been faithful with this blog, and for that I apologize. Bill has been painting my kitchen for an early 30th anniversary gift. He also put down a new floor. This old kitchen has never looked better. But since my computer was right in the middle of the work area I have a bit of an excuse.

Today once again I want to focus again on something by Mary E. DeMuth. She sent a link to what she calls a missing chapter of Thin Places.
Here's the link:
I especially loved this quote:
"So the mysterious plan of God continues on. He uses France to break me so I can bless another broken friend, who then will no doubt touch another in her brokenness. It’s the Gospel of the broken, inaugurated by Jesus’ broken body on the cross, advanced through our weakness."

My take on this is: Brokenness helping to heal another's brokenness, that's what makes the pain worth it.

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