Saturday, October 30, 2010

Miami Musings

The trip to Miami was not what we had hoped for; looks like we start all over up here with an orthopedic doctor and some tests.

The doctor doesn't believe it is his neck that needs operated on. He suggested looking into some things about his shoulder and also some tests where they put wires on his hands and arm. He noted that it was Dec. of last year we were supposed to have been seen there. I look at it as we are about a year behind and he is in so much pain he is looking at anything for relief right now.

Although it seemed our trip to Miami was a little disappointing our hope is in the name of the Lord, not VA or doctors. We need to look at the positive things, such as not having to arrange schedules to go to Miami for a surgery near the holidays. I believe the Lord can arrange to do something closer to home if He chooses. Neither one of us is a fan of Miami traffic and since we are not real “party animals” the Miami scene doesn’t attract us:)

Shiloh was amazed we didn’t check out the South Beach area or city but by the time we found the VA hospital we were exhausted. Our main thought was why couldn’t the doctor have looked at the MRI and X-rays and either do a telephone consultation or send a report to the doctors up here. We had to rearrange schedules and drive a long way for 15 minutes, with no exam or tests other than him kind of pushing against Bill a bit and pricking his hand some for strength tests. The thing is because of Bill’s work he is very strong anyway. He will move heavy objects like refrigerators, stoves or desks by himself even up the stairs at times.

We can’t deny the thought that something to alleviate some of this chronic pain he lives with wasn’t a desire but we also know that sometimes the Lord allows pain to help us to have more compassion on others. I learned a lot during the last 3 months after the freak foot accident. I still walk at about half the speed I am used to, and it is really frustrating, but I see so many people with limps, canes and crutches than I used to notice and I so feel for them, now.

The blessing of the trip was stopping on the way down to see Barbara and Warren, Bill’s sister and brother-in-law. They treated us royally and we had a very good visit. No one can cook shrimp like Barbara and I am so blessed to be related by marriage to such a beauty, inside and out. Of course, Warren is one of the best all-around guys anyone could meet.

On the way home we saw our old friends, Tom and Leslie. You know what they say about old friends being like gold; that is so true. So the Lord gave us a blessing of time together with those we love and don’t see often enough.

Another blessing of the week is one of my daughters spoke at The Haven on Thursday and another will be sharing an awesome Bible study tomorrow at FWC to some of the Youth. The Lord is good and faithful.

Now on to another busy Saturday and week. We should end up at Fort Mountain, GA for our home church retreat on Nov. 4th. May the Lord give peace and a refreshing of His word and Spirit to all who overcome great obstacles to meet in the mountains.

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