Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day!

Yet even in saying that I know there are a lot of Veterans who may not be having a good day. They may feel forgotten, alone, in a financial bind or feeling physical pain.
After years of trying Bill has finally gotten some help through the Veteran's Administration . Yet, every time I go with him to a VA hospital, although we are amazed at the kindness of the workers, I find myself looking at the patients coming through the doors. To me, they look beat down and nearly hopeless. I pray a blessing on all these people because of all people in our country they deserve better.
Some things I don't understand is why when someone is in chronic pain and needs appointments and attention, they are told that the first available appointment won't be until next year? If you feel you can't wait until then you must just go and sit and wait hoping that you can be worked in. Bill, (my husband and favorite Veteran) will be doing that tomorrow and I pray for favor from the Lord and the VA that he will be seen.
I ask for your prayers, also. Not just for Bill but for all the Veterans in our great country.
Give a Veteran a hug. They deserve it!

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