Friday, May 4, 2012

Port Orange and the National Day of Prayer

Port Orange and the National Day of Prayer was a winning combination last night. I have to admit I nearly stayed home, as I had one of those rare opportunities for time completely alone and thought I would just spend time praying alone. But this event only comes up once a year, and it is a time for us to thank the Lord for the freedoms we have to gather and praise His name. What an awesome line-up of music and pastors praying for us; too many to name although, of course I have to mention Pastor Ray Dubois of FWC.  He was powerful in his prayer for our children, teens and college students in the community.
 I was an instant fan of Michaell Reilly Hancock of Resources For Women as the anointing of the Lord was so upon her as she prayed a powerful prayer of standing up for life for the unborn. I would say the spirit of Deborah rests upon her. She and her husband, Pastor Mark, (who is the president of Word Weavers of Volusia) are a powerful force in the body of Christ locally. What a blessing to live in a city that actually believes in praying for each other and our nation. An awesome night it was, with the breeze of the nearby water and the Holy Spirit giving us a reprieve from the heat. To God be the glory!

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