Saturday, July 21, 2012

I am thrilled to announce the marriage of Shiloh and Brian Gaffka

My daughter, Shiloh, and Brian Gaffka sat us down last Saturday and told us they were engaged as of that day and getting married on our anniversary. Our anniversary was on the following Thursday, July 19th,  giving us about five days to plan a wedding.  I knew it was going to go quick but this may be a world recordJ
They met with their pastors and they grilled them pretty well; evidently they both gave the right answers and got their blessing. Then they took a quick course in pre-marital counseling.

Can you spell STRESS? But it has given us a reason to smile amongst the tears and the pain of some other issues in our life. Wow! If I didn’t know that they have spent so much time working together over the last 3 years I would have more reservations but they both are over 21 and who can tell kids anything, anyway? I would not try to tell adult children how to live their lives in any manner.

They both believe that they go into marriage as a lifetime commitment. Many people in the Body of Christ have seen this union in the Spirit and are very excited about what the Lord will do with them as they leave to go to Rhema Bible College soon.
We pulled this wedding off with Brian’s mom, Ann, and the entire Gaffka family, it seems, being the main source of help as well as the Family Worship Center family. We give our utmost thanks to them and love the blessings that are still coming from this event.

I could not be happier about the man the Lord has chosen for my precious daughter!
It was a beautiful exchange of vows and I am blessed to have a wonderful, new son-in-law who I have adored from afar for a very long time:)

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  1. A great blessing, Donna. Prayers for them to have a long, happy life together and to be of great service in G-d's Kingdom.