Sunday, August 26, 2012

Earlyne Lund of WAPN has gone to Glory!

The memorial service for Earlyne Lund of WAPN was just a beautiful as she was and very fitting to such a woman. Truly a Mother and Mentor in the Body of Christ, there was not a dry eye in the building. I know her family was blessed and the many pastors and people in the community, as well as her own daughters that spoke gave such a wonderful overview of her very essence. It made me and so many others think, "If I could only be half the Christian that she was, I would be happy." Of course we all can only be the very best "Me" and that was what Earlyne was, the very best Earlyne. She was such an example and inspiration of what the Lord planned when he created her. In an ungodly world she stood out; you could really see Christ in her even before she spoke. You knew she believed and lived her faith. Oh, the stories about her were so interesting and showed a picture of "The Total Woman of God."
I know each family member knows how blessed they are to be from that bloodline, but if you need a reminder of your legacy, you can just look all around you. Hang on to those precious memories, that will help you when the numbness of losing her wears off. She not only is dancing with the stares she is dancing before the One who flung them into the sky. What a glorious sight that must be!

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