Monday, January 12, 2015

Dan Walsh, "When Night Comes" Book Review

Bestselling author Dan Walsh continues in a new genre, a suspense novel, with "When Night Comes."  He still keeps me up at nights turning pages, although while hating for his books to end, it gets imperative to keep reading every spare moment I get. This book is very different from the series he wrote with Gary Smalley and made me think about the "The Discovery" with the air of mystery surrounding it.
It didn't take long to realize why Dan picked the title that he did and I loved how he gave a description of the main character as a Johnny Depp looking guy. Somehow I could picture more Dan's looks as the writer/history lecturer in this book.
I love novels about sleepy Georgia towns and thought the book cover was one of the best.
This book took several surprising turns; a few that nearly brought on anxiety attacks both for me and Jack Turner. The ending was a real shocker to me but please don't read ahead as you need to be as surprised as I was to get the full effect of the genius that is Dan Walsh.
I bought this book to give to my husband for Christmas but couldn't resist reading it first. I will always remain a fan of Dan Walsh and his work. Keep writing, Dan!

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