Monday, January 5, 2015

The long-lost and nearly forgotten blog

I know a lot of you probably think that I forgot I had a blog to attend to. Can I say life has gotten in the way of blogging and get away with it? Life, emotions, relationships, holidays, sicknesses and more but I'm back. 
 Actually, "Hello My name is..." was one of my favorite blogs as I was able to mention so many cool things going on in our area in that one so I left it up longer. Now I know I need to be more faithful, so that is my prayer for the new year, to be a better, more faithful "me."

Thirty-five years ago today I told Bill I had feelings for him. It was with more than a little bit of intimidation as we went into this relationship looking only for friendship, at least that were my thoughts and his too as he was just hurting from laying a relationship down. It was the day after the night a friend of mine gave birth in her home. I had attended the birth by her request, to be there to pray her child into the world. God only knows that praying was my only criteria to be there, as I was no nurse. It was an especially traumatic birth and just as the thought that something needed to be done, such as call 911, baby Shemuel emerged, screaming and healthy. Praise the good Lord! I was on a high from that that lasted all day. But then I think it gave me the boldness to express my feelings to Bill that night.

At that time in my life as a single mom, I felt I would probably never find someone to marry me; I was pushing thirty with a teenage daughter. I do have to say that although I longed to be married again, the Lord was the most magnificent husband ever to me, speaking to me often and providing for me and my daughter, Regina. Some of the moments she and I had together living in a small house in West Melbourne, I will treasure forever.

After I expressed my feelings to Bill, God put us on a fast-track, not without some bumps and detours, and we married on July 19th, 1980, to the strands of Annie's Song. It still is bumpy at times, we are truly a “work in progress” but the Lord is good and has been good to us. May the new year truly be one of our best as we remember what and Who truly brought us together. The Lord, our God!


  1. Happy anniversary! God is so good to us.

    1. Yes, He is, every day in every way. Thanks for reading my blog and blessings to your day!