Friday, June 12, 2015

Open up Poema in me, Jesus.

I often look around at all the different looking, complex looking, awesome looking people that our Lord has created. I can see something beautiful in most everyone although they may be different shades of color, families or even nationalities. I think about how God loved each one and how to Him they are His unique creation. Some, I even think "Wow!" He must be very happy to have created that one and must so enjoy when that special one loves Him back as they were created to do before the foundation of the world.
The Greek word “Poema”* simply means “that which is made… or creation, the world.”  It means “work of art,” a poem, or perhaps it even
I have read a lot of poetry and wrote a little here and there. A poem seems to be God-sent, straight from the heart, not something that we contrive ourselves. Poema is a beautiful word and it sounds like poetry in itself to me. I like it. I like various types of poems also and am so happy that our Word Weavers Volusia has started having a poetry revival in the past year.
When we come in, stressed perhaps from the burden of life, a poem can make you smile, it can make you weep. It can remind you of someone and also soothe your heart. O that the Lord would open up poema in me. O that the Lord would open up poema in you.
This is probably one of my all-time favorite sermons by Pastor Ray Dubois of Family Worship Center, Port Orange, FL.
I encourage everyone to listen to it, if you need a word to send life into your soul. He introduced me to the Greek word, Poema; it is such a neat, awesome, inspiring and beautiful word. I may even be inspired to write this week:)
The Word to confess is: I am (You are) God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works; I am salt and light to my world.


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