Monday, November 28, 2016

Jumpstart your day with this song of praise!
It's Monday and today we focus on praying for our families. I read Stormie Omartian's books every day and this is my strong prayer: KEEP THEM FROM WASTING TIME ON A PATHWAY THAT YOU WILL NOT BLESS! (Stormie Omartian)
I pray that all who are discouraged today will find their peace in the Lord and we ask that a blood covering be over all our loved ones in Jesus name. Cast your cares upon Him, utterly fling them to the One who has the power to help. Prayer is a working tool given to us from the Father, use it, people.
Do you have a fractured family? Is your family tree messed up? You are in good company then and Jesus is our hope. Sometimes it may not seem that way but we have to get our eyes off our circumstances, look up to the Lord, find a Word from Him and claim it. Then pray, pray, pray!
 Prayer is your tool to peace and acceptance. A lot of our turmoil in life is not accepting the things we can't change; We sometimes have to accept that things are the way they are for a reason. I'm sure Joseph, during his days in prison and slavery felt forgotten by God as well as his family but he went ahead being the best he could be in those circumstances. The Lord caused him to rise above them and to rise in favor. Don't look at things the way they are but look at them through eyes of hope.
Jesus is the answer to all our problems and our strong help and that will always be the case. His ear is open to our prayers for help and hope. He is such a creative God that He brings forth beauty and grace and gifts within us that we never thought were there. He can bring the dormant seed to life. We praise His name and ask that He cover our families today. We thank You, Lord Jesus ahead of time for Your great blessing and favor towards our loved ones.
May we be able to say "It is well, through it all, today." Regardless of what our eyes see and our souls feel. We still say "Who is like You Lord in all the earth?" You're my cup that won't run dry even, through tear-filled eyes I seek that last drop in the cup.
Lord rise up please and bring our families full circle to health, healing of emotions and peace we pray.

Double-dipping with Stormie Omartian: "Lord, open my adult child's ears to hear Your truth so they will reject all lies."
"Have a sound mind and a right attitude:  Ask God to help your adult children make the right choices about what they allow into their minds so they’ll have nothing less than the sound minds He has given them.  Pray that God will protect them from having evil fill their minds with lies that oppress them mentally and emotionally.  Ask God to dissolve bad attitudes in their minds, such as pride, fear, anger, anxiety, and a broken heart.  Encourage your adult children to develop a habit of praising God regularly, since that practice will heal their minds, emotions, and attitudes.  Pray for Christ’s peace to flood their souls and rule in their hearts every day.
Resist evil influences and destructive behavior:  Ask God to give each of your adult children a humble, repentant, and teachable spirit.  Pray for God to destroy any spirit of rebellion in their lives.  God’s love and grace will always be available to your children, no matter what they’ve done.  Ask God to help them return to Him after they’ve strayed.  Pray that: God will open their eyes to see the truth and not be blinded by evil lies, they can hear God’s voice leading them, their hearts will be filled with wisdom and knowledge, they will turn away from evil when they encounter it, they will understand that they are engaged in a spiritual battle every day, they will respond to trials by turning to God, and they will learn to praise God for the healing and deliverance He has for them." Stormie Omartian

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