Thursday, December 22, 2016

She’s Canceling Christmas

Merry Christmas and I’m posting early for those who follow my blog. If you  don’t please go to and sign up.  It may help me out one day if I ever submit a book proposal.

I just finished the Angels Walking Series by Karen Kingsbury. It has made me think more about angels and the roles they play on earth. I’m hoping that there are many guardian angels about us to help us in ways that we may not realize. I also included in this poem a phrase borrowed from a Jim Raley sermon; battered worship. To those whose worship is worthy of the Lord’s ear.  He is pleased.

She’s Canceling Christmas

The angels were alarmed, “There’s another mom on the edge.
She’s ready to leave everything and everyone.
What can we do?
Lord, is it really true?
She’s canceling Christmas this year!”
Somebody’s mom:
I’m canceling Christmas this year!
Why have it
When there’s so many tears?
Why try to pretend
It will be good at the end?
I’m canceling Christmas this year.

Makes me sadder
Than sad ever was
It’s Christmas but not the night that Twas.

If you knew all the pain,
You’d cancel it too,
Looking for light and the Lord
Hasn’t come through.
Makes me sadder
Than sad ever was
It’s Christmas but not the night that Twas.

The world thinks
Christmas is all about them
Many people are
Consumed with,
Rushing about,
Buying, and wanting gifts
While heartache abounds.

Living life through a phone
Instead of talking
With those nearby,
How will they feel when they’re gone?
One day they’ll wish
That conversation
Will linger on.

Makes me sadder
Than sad ever was
It’s Christmas but not the night that Twas.

This mom just got tired
Of the constant strife
She just needed a break
From her own “real life.”

Her tears stormed heaven
As a trumpet song given,
A battered, wounded sound
Came as she lay prostrate
On the ground.
Then the Lord was pleased
With her battered worship to Him.
He put a crew of angels to work right then.

One angel sent a song,
Another sent a friend with hugs,
One sent a book,
For a fiction vacation,
A temporary
Break from this world.

Back when angels came singing
Jesus was bringing
Hope for a deep, dark world.
The enemy roars,
But he won’t win any more;
  Angels are surrounding the door,
Of  her simple abode.
They’ve taken this load,
Put her on a
Different road.

Prayers were given,
Because she’s
Held up by friends,
The mom is renewed,
Now she’s Celebrating Christmas too,
Saying a Merry Christmas to you!

Donna Collins Tinsley 2016

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