Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The ministry of the "unseen"

Have you ever felt like you have the ministry of the "unseen"? Many times when our prayers don't get answered we feel this way. Yet these beautiful words describe a closeness that the Lord wants to give to all who have felt "unseen." I have at times, prayed to the Lord in desperation, "See me, See me!" perhaps as a small child might say. "Feel me and my pain, Lord." I know there is someone else right now praying these very words. May the Lord bring His comfort to your soul.

I hope all my prayer partners read this whole message from Reeni Mederos but I am posting my two favorite parts:

“It is the ministry of the unseen that I have called you to,” says the Lord, “It is what I have consecrated you for. This is the place I have set you apart for Myself. I have been jealous over you and I have not allowed man or the enemy to take away the glory of the precious gift I have placed inside of you. I have chosen you for such a time as this. I have held you dear to My heart as sometimes you have been rejected and you have felt robbed and stripped in your heart, but I have never left you or forsaken you and I will recompense everything that has been stolen from you if you will forgive those who have used you and bless those who have persecuted you. Let me heal your heart and your cause will become a legacy for generations to come who will learn from your example and endurance and love.”
You Have Been Blessed With A Burden
I hear the Lord is saying to these precious ones, “You have been blessed with a burden and I have blessed you with the weight of my Spirit that is precious in my sight, to release the plans and purposes of My heart in these last days. I have burdened you to carry the torch of intercession for this generation and I am building a lasting legacy within you for those who will come to remember you as I have named and called you, 'Faithful, Loyal & Steadfast.' Is it any wonder the enemy has tried to put out your fire and to take your very life from you? Lift up your voice and take your rightful place and be free to come to Me with every supplication, every burden and every heart cry, for I will hear you and not reject you or turn you away as others have,” says the Lord.
Reeni Mederos
Warriors International, Inc.

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