Sunday, August 18, 2013

You Are Wanted, Today and Always

I know that I have gone way too long without updating my blog. Today though, I want to feature a friend and writer who has expressed herself so well and I glean from her often. It is through trials and pain that we all grow and learn to lean more on our Lord. He is ever faithful. I had never heard the song that is on the link here but I feel that there are many today who need to take this message deep into their heart. I welcome Elaine Creasman today and her post, You Are Wanted:

I want to add a note to those who feel broken today. The Lord, the great God who made the universe and everything within it loves you and He only can fill the broken heart and make you whole. Let Him be the healing balm that you need for each hurt, pain and sorrow. Praying every day in every way for each of you.

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