Friday, October 24, 2014

Hello, my name is...

Hello, my name is Child of the One True King:
Sometimes when I think about my life and how good God is to me, I really wonder, why me? At times I am amazed at the awesome people the Lord has surrounded me with. I am amazed at the greatness that I am allowed to participate among when I meet people of wonderful character starting back many years ago with the prophet, the late C. L. Moore, Steve Scheffler, authors Calvin Miller, Cec Murphey, all of our Word Weaver authors and more people than I can name. I realize that as a daughter of the King, the One High God, Jesus, who is my Hope and Deliverer, it is pure grace to me. I am a child of the One True King. 

Lately I have been involved with some really cool things, many having a common thread. Actually I must back up over six years when I joined a support group. I fell in love with the people and have been faithful to that family meeting that helps me get through the day. Then two years ago I was blessed when I participated in a small degree with the Let's Go Ministry's Motel Church.

My main ministry involvement is Word Weavers Volusia County and I am constantly amazed at the talent among our group and I do admit they are well loved by me. They truly enhance my life and give me something to look forward to each month. When I am able to attend the Florida Christian Writer's Conference at Lake Yale, FL I am even more joyful. Eva Marie Everson and Mark Hancock as well as many other workers put on a great conference. Link:

The blessing of the Lord came to me in September when I was privileged to join with many others at the Daytona Beach Bandshell and give a voice of Recovery hope at Recovery Month Events. All those who participated in booths and onstage were a blessing to our area.

I especially thank Pastor Monzell Ford who looked at my heart instead of my life and allowed me to read a poem dedicated to my daughter, Regina, who is over six years in recovery now. At a time that I felt very low, this Godly man encouraged me and gave me a strong hope to press on. Then the next thing that I was so privileged to participate in was the God Belongs in My City walk. What a joyful, powerful event that ended on the steps of City Hall in Daytona with many prayers, proclamations, songs and testimonies to the glory of Jesus. His name was proclaimed and He was honored that day by the vision Pastor Monzell had and the organization that he and many other godly people including his first lady, instituted. A walk by people of all walks of life came forth in our city and it was a powerful event.

I also have been participating in some awesome workshops at Family Worship Center with the series by Pastor Ray called Transform U. Body, soul and spirit help at the best and the workshop by Russell Holloway and then the one by Pastor John and Pastor Cathy bringing Marc Mero here was of the utmost in help for families. Transforming for sure! Bill was so impressed with Marc that he is taking Isaiah to meet him soon.

The next event that I am doing some behind the scenes work for is the Freedom Experience sponsored by the Lets Go Ministry on November 14th and 15th at 5:00 at Jackie Robinson Ballpark.

My goal in life is to live well, speaking well of others, learning to walk in the Holy Spirit always and learning to have the wisdom of God. I want to pay forward help and healing even if my own family isn't completely healed yet, I believe. I keep on believing it is coming, I believe we will be a modern day Joseph story, that where things were meant for evil, the Lord will bring it full circle to good. Hello, my name is Child of the One True King and your name can be that also.

You can also find me at Somebody's Mother online Prayer Support Group

and The Substance Abuse Task Force 

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