Saturday, January 8, 2011

El Shaddai Daily Devotional |

El Shaddai Daily Devotional

It is really amazing what you can find out on Facebook. It can be a tool for blessings and information. Consider this devotion from CBN.
One reason I post devotions is so others can be blessed by what I read. Also, it is a long shot but I posted a comment to some people in Chattanooga Valley, Flintstone, GA area today to try to find out about my father's family. I haven't seen him in about 51 years. I got a reply and hopefully will have some news at some point. People say Facebook brings conflict but to me it has been a blessing.

This was my post:

If any of you Chattanooga or Flintstone, GA dwellers have any information about my family I would be happy to hear any of it; the good, the bad, the ugly. I lost a lot of family when my Mama Linda Lee Wirth (then Collins Reece Lewis) moved Daytona Beach, FL. I don't know anything about my father, William Donald Collins (haven't seen him in about 51 years) or my grandparents or family on that side. My maternal grandparents were Charles Fredrick Wirth and Mary Ethel White Wirth. She used to teach piano from her home and play for the Flintstone Baptist church. One of my great uncles owned a little store I think in St. Elmo. I know it is a long shot to get information this way, but I'll be 60 soon and wouldn't mind having some knowledge of my roots. Thanks to Sarah Smith for filling in some blanks and connecting me to this FB page and Beverly Collins who we are pretty sure I am not related to, but she has been a great blessing and help to me. Just email me by Facebook:) Thanks and blessings and have a great day

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