Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Fullness of His Power Daily Devotional |

The Fullness of His Power Daily Devotional
Another great devo from! Would that we all live in the Fullness of His Power. The prayer at the end is awesome:
Heavenly Father, thank you for proclaiming your Son, Jesus Christ as the One and only power that saves us! And with that, we have been justified by Him. We now seek your guidance during the sanctification process and ask that you reveal everything in us that offends you. Take us to the next step in recognizing that evil has been conquered. No longer does it have dominion over us. And knowing that should empower us each time we are tempted. We can boldly say, "I have dominion over that temptation!" We can depend on Jesus to grant us the ability to win the battle waged against us. Turn our lives around as a tribute to Him and honor Him not only for what He has given us, but for Who He is. Amen!!

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