Sunday, January 2, 2011

Is your family sometimes described as a dysfunctional, motley crew?

Think about this:

I decided for the New Year I would reread my New Testament, The Message version. Yesterday I noticed for the first time, that in the linage of Jesus they always named the father but only named a few mothers. It was interesting that the only mothers mentioned other than Mary, were women of questionable reputation.

Tamar had to use deceit to get her rightful heir, Rahab was a lady of the night, Ruth an outcast who was so faithful to her mother-in-law that she obtained blessings, and Bathsheba was noted as Uriah's wife (since she was married to him, when King David called for her.) And little, pure Mary had rumors about her as she and Joseph were not married at the time she conceived our King. What sacrifices have been made for us to have salvation!
So, don't feel bad if your family line is somewhat a dysfunctional, motley crew. You are in good company.

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