Monday, June 27, 2011

When Someone You Love No Longer Remembers

Cecil Murphey has written a beautiful book for family and caretakers of those with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. It truly is a gift book that you will want to put into anyone’s hands that may be facing these situations.
Beautifully illustrated by Michal Sparks, the artwork was amazing and I could picture it as a book to leave out at condos.

You can use this book as a daily devotional as I had started to do or just pick it up and read it whenever needed. After starting it, the stories gripped me and I wanted to devour the book and find the words of comfort and get them inside me.

As someone who has known several family members and friends diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, I so wish this book had been written sooner.

Knowing the genetics link that is in my family can be a scary thing and I hope that the good ideas, hope and healing of the words will bring comfort to many people.

The Appendix, with helps like Take Care of Yourself, Communicating with Your Loved One, Expecting the Unexpected, and Help Your Visitors was a wealth of information that we all need.

I think you should do a sequel, Cecil, as there are a lot more stories out there, and perhaps do it as a daily devotional. Every family needs a copy of this gift book!

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