Tuesday, July 19, 2011

#11PublishingSecrets by @MaryDeMuth http://bit.ly/jRIh4d

Mary is an awesome writer in all genres. As an Ebook, I thought for the price I would be getting about 24 pages, as that has been the case with similar buys. This was full book size. I love this comment from her, "If I ever figure out the secret to getting published, I will share it with anyone who is interested." Mary has shared her heart and soul and has the most giving spirit around. I have read many of her fiction and nonfiction books and she gives so much to so many. You will not regret buying this; it is a must-have if you are on your way to publication and I think even seasoned writers will be educated as well.

If you don’t want to be published, DON’T buy #11PublishingSecrets by @MaryDeMuth http://bit.ly/jRIh4d

I recommend that you buy it!

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