Monday, June 18, 2012

A Father’s Day Dream

I can’t believe that I got so busy posting on other sites I forgot to post this here yesterday. It was an awesome dream and words by John Brewer of Word Weavers: A Father’s Day Dream
About 5:30 this morning, east coast time, I awoke from a dream. In this dream, I was one of several people who had come up on stage to speak words of encouragement over a young mans life. When it was my turn to speak, I felt the power and presence of God moving through my heart and I could clearly see Gods intentionality for this young man. As I began to direct my words to the young man, I heard God calling him, wooing him, encouraging him, letting him know that God was with him and that Gods word would be alive in him not only to raise him up to be the man God knew him to be and called him to be but also to be an encouragement and instrument of Gods love and hope to the world around him. God was going to make His word alive in this young mans heart and from there, alive to those he shared Gods word with. As I was speaking over this young man, I woke up out of a dead sleep and deep in this dream state, verbally speaking out loud and still directing Gods encouragement to the young man of my dream. 
Immediately, I recognized that there was more going on here than just a dream. I continued to speak in my awakened state to the young man and wrapped it up in prayer for him. At rest in my bed, I could not sleep and so I prayed not only for the young man but also for the other youth who were in attendance with him. As I prayed I was asking God what the significance of this dream was. I strongly felt that God was calling to a new generation, that He was letting His presence be known, that He was instilling hope for the present and for the future, that He was awakening a new generation to His word and to His presence and to His purpose. Somewhere, I believe that the dream I had was directed specifically to a young man and to those near to him but more, I sense that God is moving through the world to touch lives in a new and powerful way and is doing it through our children. As it is now Fathers Day, I urge all fathers and mothers, all adults in any sphere of influence over the lives of the young charges that God has placed in your care, to begin anew to speak into the lives of these young people and share the love and the hope and the wonder of God with them. Share with them the testimony of your life and what God has meant to you. Help birth the amazing and vibrant life of the word of God in their hearts and then watch as God fulfills His purposes through them. It is now almost 6:30. I had to share this with you all while it was fresh on my heart. Thanks, ever so much. By John Brewer
Some extra thoughts from me
I think it goes well with the events of churches watching the movie Courageous. FWC had an event for the whole weekend centered on this movie and I managed to get one of my son-in-laws to watch it here at home. I hope that the seeds in that movie about fatherhood will somehow be sown in his life .I recommend it for men but women love it, too.
PS My husband took the Courageous pledge at Family Worship Center yesterday; a gift to me and our family that was pure grace from the Lord. I didn't beg, prod or manipulate to get it, so that is why it was a gift to me:)

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