Sunday, June 24, 2012

A little of this and that, some from the past:)

In my quiet time I was thinking about this song, asking the Lord to "fix me" and all those I love who need His love, care and help. And then I remembered I myself am powerless, yet He is powerful! I can't fix anyone, but I can pray and love.

Perhaps my love may not come in the way that you want it, maybe it bring with it personal boundaries that I feel at this time I need to be able to stand or cope with this dilemma called "life."
Maybe I will disappoint some of you, maybe I will amaze you, but I will try to be honest and live out my faith in Jesus my helper, comforter and true lover as best as I can. Lord have mercy and fix us all! I believe You will and I yield to your timing as hard as it is to do that.
Prophecy for Donna

And I shall cause thee to have ministry among the sisters and I shall give thee favor. But thou shalt also wait upon thy God and I will give thee a tender heart and yea even more than thou dost even have this night. Thou shalt be broken by My word and by My presence many times but not destroyed nor cast down.

I shall fashion you again and again and each time that I mold and touch thee thou shalt rise up in more of a new transformed creation than you were before you came into the presence of your God.
My Song

My song in the night
Is that You make things right
To You alone I turn
Though the raging fire burns

Fires of pain; fires of stress
Tears of fire; my cheeks caress

Deliver me, Oh Lord I pray
Revival fires: send today
For my song in the night
Is that You
Make all things right
For me

Donna Collins Tinsley 10/15/03

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