Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Do You Need to Slow Down, Too? Slow Me Down, Lord, But Not This Way

Sometimes when I just can’t seem to slow myself down, the Lord does it for me.

Yesterday the Lord arranged for me to pull back from a lot of things that I want to be doing. I am so grateful first to Him that I didn't have an accident when my Rack and Pinion steering devise went out on my van. I think I pulled my sciatic nerve though, as now my whole body is hurting even today; that is a big vehicle to be trying to steer as dead weight.

I'm praising Jesus that we managed to get over three lanes of what is normally heavy traffic on International Speedway Blvd. without a car hitting us. My power steering was locked up, and I am so grateful that my daughter, Amber and little granddaughter, Aryel are Okay. That is really all I could think about as I replayed in my mind looking in the rearview mirror and the miracle that we were not slammed with oncoming traffic. It was like being in slow motion.

I told Bill when he came to rescue us that just like on those gravestones that say "I told you I was sick" I've been saying something is wrong with the van for two weeks. Every time anyone else drove it, it didn't lock up; to his credit though, he took it out on Friday, drove it all over, and checked under the hood, it was all good. Even the servicemen at Tuffy’s called yesterday and said, “Hey we drove, it and it never locked up on us.” I just said to myself, Lord, Okay, I don’t know, but I do know that something is wrong and it is not my imagination.

Then miracle of miracles they discovered a defect in the Rack and pinion devise, something that had just worked on recently.

Little Aryel didn't get to go with her Ga-Ga to the library, though and I missed the “Let's Go Ministry” meeting. I will probably miss some other things that I wanted to attend this week also, but I have to look at this as the Lord helping me when I can’t help myself. I accept that I might have to be home and not everywhere I want to be, because when something is a “good thing” I want to be a part of it.

Have you ever been there, people? I know a lot of others that fight to go, do, or be everything to everyone and it is physically and mentally impossible. When I try with all my might and heart to be somewhere and find it is not working out, I have to yield. I have to remember that I need some alone time, some rest time, (why does it have to be with aching muscles, though) some reading time and some Holy Spirit time. Peace to all and if you don’t see me someplace you thought I would be, don’t be mad at me. Know I am just trying to pull back and hear the Lord. We will all be so much better in the long run, if I do. Restore our souls, Lord Jesus and go before each of us in peace, today.

A song and a prayer I offer today.

I just discovered this singer (thanks Joanie) you don't want to miss this song:

Books I’m reading: The Reunion by Dan Walsh

And here is something else: I don't think I have ever been as excited about being in a compilation. I received my two contributor copies for “My Love to you Always.” My story "Hurricane, A Frog and True Love" is a tribute to my husband, Bill.

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