Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Book Review of "Love Your Husband, Love Yourself." by Jennifer Flanders, Happy Mother of Eleven!

Jennifer Flanders has done it again! How she is able to even have time to write books with eleven children and everything else she does, it is hard to even imagine.

With all the research on oxytocin, I see the homeschool mom within her and know that she is a teacher at heart. Looking at the pictures on the book back, it looks like she has found the fountain of youth.

I did love the story about her touring a home and seeing a certain phrase on the pillow in the master bedroom; she recreated that scenario but in a much, kinder way for her own home.
She is sweet, funny and has given us a brutally honest look at her life. The first sentences in chapter 11, where she mentioned her mother would never have imagined that she would grow up and write a book extolling the virtues of sex shows her humor once again.

I'm sure her husband adores her and most men would be jealous of him, if they were given a chance to read this book. I actually have a few people in mind to give the book to, as the topic is needed in this day and age of "over-scheduling" everything in life and leaving the marriage relationship to be last on the list. From what I hear from many the marriage bed is mainly for sleeping. Jennifer's thought on the time taken by many women to get out of having sex are very interesting but I'll let you decide for yourself when you read the book. 

This probably would be a good book to give as a wedding shower present. At age 60 I am a little old for some of the ways she suggests to "Love Your Husband, Love Yourself." but as always, she has done a lot of research and writes adding a lot of scripture to the mix. Jennifer is an adorable writer!  

Donna Collins Tinsley

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