Monday, March 26, 2012

The Soul Mender

I'm putting a link to an informative and needed article "Christianity and Cocaine?" from The more information we have about substance abuse the better we can deal with issues when they appear in our friends or family. We need all the help, support and prayer we can get as a nation that has so many people trying to find life in the use of drugs, whether legal or illegal. Many a mother is crying because they know their child or adult child is dying if they don't get help soon. I posted this poem before but it may be new to some of you.
The Soul Stealer

It stole my soul
Is what she said
Made me one of
The walking dead

Brought strangers in
To my own bed
The soul stealer
Got in my head

Changed my very
Into one that
 Was strange to me

Can’t get along
With family
That’s what cocaine
Did to me, it’s
A soul stealer

Cocaine, Cocaine
I’ve worshiped you
Lost self respect
And children, too

Release me from
This grip of death
Breathe into me
The Spirit’s breath

 Return my soul
Oh Lord, I pray
Help me to live
And not to stray

And You, alone
Will get the praise
The Soul Mender

Donna Collins Tinsley copyright 2002
RE: "Christianity and Cocaine?" This was well-written and interesting. I have always believed that it was reported that most people who use cocaine are instantly addicted and thank you for showing us the difference between how people use the drugs and what crack really is. Whitney's quote:"Crack is cheap. I make too much money to ever smoke crack. Let's get that straight. OK? We don't do crack. We don't do that. Crack is whack,” well, it does sound like something an addict who was putting herself on a different level might say. As many people who are addicted to prescription drugs feel like they aren't addicts since a doctor prescribed them, yet they can't go a day without those drugs. The scriptures quoted were perfect! I know the family still needs prayers especially the mother who grieves for the loss of a daughter, gifted but haunted with the demon of cocaine. It could be many a mother's story and sadly to say, it is. Please click on the CBN blog:

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  1. The article was interesting, and your comment was right on, Donna.