Sunday, March 18, 2012

A song and a prayer

  1. A song and a prayer that the Great name of Jesus will carry us all through whatever we face this day; You don't want to miss hearing this song, it will help you ride out the day on angels wings:
    A song and a prayer is what I offer today!
    Lord, we pray especially that You, our Great God will be with that one who is hurting the worst today. Only You know who that is and what they need. Be with the hurting parent that feels that they can't go on, be with the hurting child that never really wanted to go that far into addictions but now they can't seem to live any other way, but in the mess they have made of their life. Maybe they didn't mean to hurt their loved ones, maybe they don't know that they are only hurting themselves. Maybe they need Your Hope. And for those who are blessed with a "normal" life and family, may your tribe increase. We hope to join you someday:)

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