Saturday, January 16, 2010

Daytona Streets

I have had this novel in my heart for years, and have several chapters written.  Because of a lot of subject matter is painful for members of my family, I prefer to try this as a novel. Also there is a character later on I want to introduce who roams the streets of Daytona. If you live here you might recognize him and he has the he has the greenest eyes and many people have wondered if he is an angel unaware. He just walks the streets carrying most of his belongings with him. Times when I helped feed the homeless, we have had conversations that were amazing. I bumped into him recently at a gas station and told him I was basing a character on him a bit and we talked about his eyes. He said they change to 10 different colors. He sounded proud, and I thought how even the person that walks the streets wants to know that somebody is noticing him..

I posted Daytona Streets, chapter one, for some months a long time ago and didn't get any feedback, so I decided to edit this post and will send it privately by email if anyone will sign up to follow my blog.  Just sign up and then email me that you did and that you want the first chapter of Daytona Streets:)

and put Daytona Streets in the subject:)

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