Friday, January 8, 2010

A Sister Among You

A Sister Among You

You don’t know my name
You don’t have to; I am a sister among you
Sometimes I’m quiet
You may think I’m aloof
You are wrong, I carry pain
For myself and for others
I am a sister among you
I have been abused, Used and tormented
I love, I hurt, I dream dreams
That turn into nightmares

I am a sister among you
Maybe I think
If I open up to you
And tell you about my life

You will turn away
Yes, it would make you cringe
It would not fit into your tidy world
But there are many among you
Sisters, such as I
I may be your friend
But you may not know me

Because you don’t share my pain
You don’t drink from my cup
It is too horrible to taste
It would cause you to hurt also

Because I have seen perverseness
In the eyes of men, and the hearts of women
I am just a sister among you, I smile

But it only masks the pain
God alone can heal the hurts
And He does daily

But He leaves the pain
And the memories
So I won’t pass you by

Another sister, Lost in pain

Needing a Savior

Needing a friend.
Another sister among us.
Jesus said what you have done for the least of these, you have done for Me.

This sister may be dying emotionally, feeling hopeless as a wife, mother or woman in this world. She may be masking the pain with drugs, alcohol or even the goodness of church or volunteer work.

She is trying to fill a void only God Himself can fill.

She may use men or women to fill this insatiable need to feel loved and whole. She may have endured losses such as the death of a family member, maybe even her own child: the grief seems unbearable and she wonders if she can live with this void in her life.

She may be a prostitute, in danger each time she goes out. She may be trying to cover the pain of losing her children through the system.
She is somebody’s daughter.

She is a sister among you.

Where does she go from here?

(c) Coastland Agape, Inc. The Gathering....An expression of the Body of Christ

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